Uruguay 1.2 - Punta Del Diablo

Okay. I'm going to deliver one fact and one fact only for this blog post. Wine enhances blogging. Fact!!!!

After hitting a few beaches in Peru and not really vibin' too hard on the beach scene, I wasn't overly excited to be headed back to the beach but as soon as we arrived in Punta Del Diablo I was in beach love. Just the cutest little fishing village with cutest little beach houses, dirt roads, hostels and restaurants the cute little country of Uruguay could create.

Met these hilarious Aussies, Jon and Simon, that we were sharing a dorm with. A couple good ol' blokes, mate. So we spent lots of time on the beach playing soccer like a bunch of white people would. Horribly. And swimming like a bunch of dolphins. As a rule of thumb I usually don't make friends with Aussies, but these guys were okay. Okay at the best of times. ;) I kept joking how I was going to cut their heads off in their sleep(referencing the grey hound bus incident that they couldn't stop asking about), while John spent 90% of the time talking about how amazing McGyver was, 8% of his time checking out this group of Swedish girls running the stairs in front of our hostel and 2% wondering why only cake gets served for breakfast. These guys surely enhanced Punta Del Diablo big time. Fun times, big laughs, and great pillow talk. Ha!!!

Experienced my first ocean sunrise. Magic. With dolphins swimming around in the ocean in the process. More magic. Coulda pulled a rabbit outta my hat if I wanted.

The theme for Uruguay so far has been "cute" everything is so god damn cute it hurts. And if you take a look at Uruguay on a map. The country itself is just plain adorable just a tiny nugget in the land of South America. It's hard to even take it serious as a country. No offense Uruguay.

Pepe the mexican and one of the Swedish sistas watching the sun rise.

Hoot Hoot! This guy welcomed us to Punta Del Diablo. Thanks little friend.
Good times.

Abandoned houses.


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