Peru 2.2 - Laguna Churrup

What a gem of a day this was. Set out with my newest friend Ali. Big breakfast. Late start. Totally balled out and took a taxi to the trailhead. We figured with the casual start we had to make up some time and spending 50 soles on a cab ride seemed like the smart thing to do. Money can totally buy time.

The other option was to take a collectivo (a small bus frequenting bus) to the lower village then take an hour and a half walk between villages to the trailhead....ha!!

As we hiked, or tried, we talked our faces off, or tried. Hiking at that altitude is pretty hard as it is let alone talking up a storm and hiking. Which makes me wonder how I can cram my face full of cookies as I ascend uphill to these high altitude lakes. Must be talent. Anyways, even with the frequent talking(verbal diarrhea) breaks, we still made amazing time to the Laguna.

About half way up we were trail blazed by half a dozen Peruvians carrying nothing but 2 liters of inca kola, half a bottle of Gatorade and a lime. They also had a small shitzu type dog that was gripping the rocks like that of a professional rock climber. We got dusted by these pervian jean wearing, cotton sporting types. We laughed and didn't take it personally. We assumed they were just out for a Sunday afternoon "walk". I tried to boost my ego blow by double fisting twizzlers. It worked.

We got to lake and feasted upon the random mercado finds we bought that morning. Delicious. The clouds were hanging....... I'm not sure what I've done to deserve all the Andean love thats been thrown my way this past week but I'm loving it back with equal gratittude. The clouds broke just long enough for us to have a little peak at the peak that was towering over the Laguna. Perfect.

Positive company, incredible views, snack attacks. Plain win.

The walk back down to the lower village was a meander through villages, houses, farmland, sharing the path with locals, sheep, cows, and dogs. We picked up garbage in the rain all the way down until we walked right onto a collectivo back Huaraz like a couple of ballers... The positive vibrations of the entire day willed that collectivo to be waiting for a couple of rain soaked gringos/gringas.

BOOM! Big love to you all.

I'm huge fan of taking photos of friends, family, dogs, living beings. It was nice to have someone to snap some photos of on this trek. I believe scenery is pretty easy to capture but the spirit of a human being takes a few tries to get a winner.

Working off those cookies again!

This trek was hybridized with a rock climbing route.

We cannot perceive, receive, or interact authentically with others unless our self-relationship is authentic. Until we are true friends with ourselves, it will be hard to be genuine friends with others.