Peru 2.1 - Laguna 69

This trip has just been throwing me complete gems of human beings left right and center. A couple of days ago we got on a bus at 5am to get the Laguna 69 trail head. With my amigo Alec and his Amiga Holly, I met them two weeks prior and we've been glued ever since. I think i can honestly say I've never laughed so hard, so much in two weeks in my entire life. I'm sad to say we parted ways, as they went on a 4 day trek near Huaraz and I just stayed put here to do some day hikes and drink Americanos.

Anyways, aboard the bus was the Chachapoyan stripers(Holly, Alec, and I) a stray from Nova Scotia named Ali and a husband, wife combo from Germany/UK. The crew couldn't have been better..... The chatter was nonstop through a wildly beautiful drive right to the trailhead... Even at 5 in the morning...BOOM!

Ali happens to be one of those rare beings that is just radiantly happy and has an outlook on life that only a handful could accomplish in a life time, let alone by the age of 23. Ever since I've been on this happiness high that started a while back, I feel I've just been attracting amazingly radiant, fun, awesome people into my life. This just builds on the platform of happiness that is already there.

At the trailhead I made sure everyone had a wonderful wad of coca leaves in their mouths and we set off for an amazing day of fun, awesome, and rad...... Best day ever.

Love you all.
The Ali.

Group toe stand. Wowzers!

I'm working out. Gotta burn off the whole box of Oreos I ate on the way up.

This kid was wicked. He was camped up at the laguna already. He was wearing skinny jeans and sneakers. Super cool dude.

Vegan handstand.

When we begin to see that our identity is actually a set of patterns formed by experiences over time and our sense of self is recreated in each moment, we can take ourselves more lightly.
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