Peru 2.0 - Laguna Wilcacocha

Man. I've just been blowing where the wind takes me..... Going on a trip with no plans or expectations creates for amazing times, with zero disappointment.... So no matter what your expectations will be exceeded ten fold. Or in my case exceeded infinitely. You just can't plan, it doesn't create room for the random adventures that traveling is. The people you meet and vibes you absorb guide your travels and tell you where to go.

I Arrived in Huaraz a about 4 days ago and an Andean love spell has been cast over me. I am in complete love with this zone. Finally good coffee, and amazing trekking.

Been doing a bunch of super adventure day hikes to the prettiest places I've ever seen. Content. Happy. Last two days may have been the best of my life.

I'll do another post regarding the town of Huaraz in the near future. But for now heres some pics from the first hike to Laguna Wilcacocha. Where we made friends with an amazing dog and meandered our way through villages and farm lands to an amazing look out over the valley.

So much love.

Been doing lots of reading. So I'm going to start dropping my favorite lines at the end of these posts to try and inspire. You. And Me.

"the more elements that make up your identity, the less threatening it is when any one element is threatened"

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