Peru 1.9 - Huanchaco

Huanchaco is a sweet little surf town just slightly north of Trujillo. Much much cheaper and bigger, a lot cleaner and just a rad more of a community feel than Mancora. People actually live here and isn't just a vacation destination. It was highly recommended by a Huanchaco local who I met at Kuelap. He ran a pizzeria called Mamacocha. Best veggie pizza I've ever plowed my face into. A few others along my travels also said this place was mellow vibes.

The water in Huanchaco is a bit cooler. Wetsuit cooler.
The beaches aren't as sandy and the ocean floor is like a riverbed as opposed to sandy dreamy ness. The left is a nice little peeler that can make anyone's long boarding dreams come true.

Nonetheless the surf is amazing and the town vibes are amazing. Loved it there.

Therefore I continue my path down happiness lane. Where all I do I WON.

Love ya.

Jah RavenComment