Peru 2.4 - Huaraz

Huaraz is a gem of gems. Home for the one who belongs in the mountains. All of the Laguna hikes I've posted over the last while were based out of Huaraz. A bustling little mountain town with amazing views of some incredible peaks.

Loved everything about this zone. Good food, good coffee, lots of AWESOME to keep busy. The best part is the cat I adopted while I was there who kept me warm at night. It's the little things when your away from home. The cat, Josephine, was no peanut, but sufficient at sharing body heat! He loved cans of tuna and waking me up at 6 am.

Huaraz was relatively easy to do your own hikes without the help of guides. Generally you can just get a ride to the trail heads via taxi or bus and just freestyle your way to trail head by asking locals where the goods were at.

It was off season Huaraz. Which was amazing. No people on the trails, cheap accommodations. Its rainy season. Which is fine. It wasn't really all that rainy you just gotta start your hikes a bit earlier in the AM so your finishing up before the rain starts to spit in the evening. The clouds make for amazing dramatic views as they flow through mountains like a river and create perfect hiking temps, shielding the harsh high altitude sun.

I love love Huaraz and I feel in my heart I'll be back there another day to get even more amongst it.

The days are long but years are short.
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