Argentina 1.3 - Iguazu Falls.

Oh Iguazu. You're so out of the way. Quite the expensive, time consuming endeavor. People hyped it. Everyone in fact. Hyped it to the point of exhaustion. Yes the falls were amazing, beautiful, and somewhat overwhelming. The most amazing thing I've ever seen? Might make the top 10 but chances are slim.

Meandering through a maze of catwalks and weaving through 100s and 100s of people I felt as if I were in a waterfall theme park. Much hustling was needed to get into position to get a good photo without getting some fat guys hairy arm in your photo. Still, when mesmerized by the expansiveness of the falls you hardly noticed anyone. It was like a daydream.

Still a spectical regardless of the constant stream of people. Some how there was point in the day where we managed to some how lose the crowds and enjoy the tranquility of the epic falls. Was a beautiful moment but short lived. We had some pretty epic rain through out the day. We were wet dogs. Super wet. To the bone.

The highlight was this boat ride we took right up to the falls where the driver proceed to drench us under the falls. Was the best part. I know a lot of people opt out on it cause it costs extra but I don't think it's even worth going to Iguazu if you don't do it. So worth the extra cheddar. BOOM!!! BOAT RIDES!!!!!

I actually thought the town of Iguazu was kinda awesome. I don't know why. My guess was the deep fried empenadas we had at the olive market. Boy that was hot shit! LOVING IT!!!!

Continuing to live the dream down here in south America. The only thing that is missing is peanut and about half a dozen of my favorite people in the world. Miss you all. Love you more.

South America's version of the Racoon! Way more badass.

See the fat guy with no shirt!? Priceless.

Waterfall fairy.

Soaked. Wet. Happy.

When love guides the journey, only love can be received.

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