Argentina 1.2 - SNAP! Buenos Aires Part 2

Buenos Aires big claim is their night life. And I'll tell ya something, they have the right to claim it. Super rowdy. Super late.

Had a couple of super nights including one night with an organized pub crawl which was super fun good staff, although I felt most of the people on the pub crawl were staff but still a super easy worth while way of partying. You get to meet lots of ransoms and get walked around to the good zones.

On the Monday night we headed out and checked out this AMAZING drum show called La Bomba Del Tiempo. Was so fun! Was like a 15 piece hand percussion ensemble. Bongos, djembes, and everything else you could hit with your hands. Was such a fun organic dance party. Just going to a show where the music is actually being made in front of you is amazing..... Was an incredible experience.

After that we sent it back to the hostal for a few beers and decided to head out to club Severino with a couple of dudes from the hostel. This club apparently had BIG Monday nights. Big was right....

Walked in right away. My favorite super swagger jams are rocking out on the speakers. Packed house. Mad house. Excellent fun! To my delight there's a downstairs, and to further prolong the delighting the DJ is playing super amazing DUBSTEP. Not. That heavy grimy shit. Just right amount of bass and wobble was just crushing it.

To make the night even better I ran into a bunch of random people I met earlier in my travels and also ran into my favorite little trio of aussies, Hila, Tim and Alex. A super fun high energy little pack of party animals. LIVIN good!

Needless to say. Danced the night away until we got kicked out at which point it was light out. Threw down this amazing beat box session with some local kid and made my back to the hostel at about 8am where I proceeded to sleep in the lobby. Didn't even fold down the sheets on my new bed.

They say Buenos Aires is dangerous at night. So the smartest, safest thing to do is party until the sun comes then go home. :)

Making it single handedly probably one of the best random nights out in my life. Man I love life's flow. It's always going be good if you don't resist it.

Yeah!!! The Aussie trio is in this pic. From left to right. Tim, I forget the next guys name, Hila, Miss Hawley, Alex, and another random! Such good times!

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