Argentina 1.1 - BOOM! Buenos Aires.

What a wildly large city. And there's every reason to love it. Character. Lots of it. From the graffiti to the craft markets to the endless night time shenanigans that extend well into the AM.

It's one if those cities that looks lived in not painted to perfection. Which is something I love in a city. Dirty but not gross, weathered but not rotten. Perfect harmony of character and chaos.

Started our stay off with an Argentine football game. Proper. Now those of you who know me, know I'm not a huge sports fan, but I was super into this football deal much more then I would have expected. The high energy from the crowd and the fact that soccer is much more exciting in real life than on TV made for an wicked introduction to it. Especially in south america where football is not just a sport. Its life, its blood, its it. The game was in a smaller stadium with some seriously rowdy crowds at opposing ends of the stadium made it just as entertaining to be apart of the crowd as the soccer game was. And of course. When the goal goes. The crowd goes off. A pretty magical moment of extreme high energy fills the air.

The best part of the stay though, I swear was this pizza/empenadery that was literally directly across the street from the hostal. Shit. Convenience at its finest. Breakfast(never made it up in time for breakfast at the hostel) lunch and dinner. Walked across the street for pizza and or empanadas. So good. Let me tell you though. South America is a serious fury of carboloading. Cheese, bread, and of course meat they just don't do veggies here. It's just insane. When you do find that rare salad or vegetable that crosses your path, it stimulates that same feelings like that of the first time you fell in love or the warm licks of a puppy dogs tongue on your face. Today I found and avocado. Let's just say I still have a boner. I haven't even eaten it yet. I think I'll eat it alone. Cause who knows what might happen. Pure Glory. That's what.

Our hostel was a hip little zone and had instruction on how make empenadas one night, nothing like watching a room full of gringos butcher their empenada attempts to produce something that looked as if a piece of dough had been hurtled over a 1000 meter cliff, tumbled down into a raging river where a vulture picked it up off the shore 10 km down steam and pecked at it for an hour and deemed it inedible and left it to rot. I'm kidding the attempts weren't that bad. I tend to over dramatize things on occasion for entertainment sakes. The following evening had a sweet little sort of gypsy swing 4 piece band playing in the lobby. Was super sweet. Met some complete gems of humans while staying there as well. The stay at Sabatico hostal was a total success.

Another day, a street in a close district was littered with craft vendors, for literally kilometers. Everything you could ever want. Such a cool vibe. Plenty going on for one to wander the streets of the city for hours, days, probably months. Not to mention the endless amounts of rad things to see and do.

Anyways I'm going to throw a few photos at you here and do a Buenos Aires part 2 on the delightful nightlife. Cause it was beyond delightful.

A person who has arrived at a habitual state of unconditional love will find anything less to be unacceptable.
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