Peru 1.7 - Its a Waterfreakinfall! Gocta!

Took an hours bus ride into the mountains from Chachapoyas into an off the beaten path to village where we started out our hike up to Catarata del Gocta. One of the worlds largest waterfall. Facts and numbers aside. I love waterfalls weather they are 5 meters or 771 meters such as Gocta. They are just the most amazing natural little negative ion producers.

It's why they are so energizing and just life refreshing. Nothing feels better than being blasted by the mist of a waterfall and have it take your breath away. But this day wasn't all fun and negative ions. It was the day where I came closest to pooping myself I do believe I was suffering from a smidge of something Peruvian in my gut.

But in my frantic effort to find a spot, away from the waterfall where the people were, off the trail. I managed to make it away from the people. Win. But unfortunately didn't make off the trail. Lose.

So as I cross "take a trail dump" off my list of things to do before I die, I stumbled upon a little hidden trail that led to the ledge of the second waterfall. So I scrambled down the trail and found a wild zen little zone. Was pretty amazing looking over the edge of a unexplainably large waterfall. So the trail dump actually turned out to be a balanced experience. I traded the trail dump, Negative, to be standing in one of the most amazing spots I could be possibly standing, positive.

Unfortunately as I hiked back down the sick got sicker, the sweats turned cold. When I finally reached the village I went to first patch of grass I found and just collapsed into a puddle of Gringo uselessness. This is where I had the pleasure of hearing some local blast black eyed peas - dirty bit from their little shack of a home....

What an amazing day.

When I arrived back at the hostel I went straight to bed and slept for 18 hours. With an ocassional to frequent visits to the washroom. POOP!


Loves Ya's!!!!

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