Peru 1.6 - Kuelap

BOOM!!!! In less than 15 hours, sea level in Chiclayo, to the top of Kuelap 10000 feet. With excellente views, panoramic views, you pick a view you got it, breath taking? Mind boggling? Epic? All yes. All accessed by a death defying road, a tiny little notch in the side of a mountain with nothing between you and a few thousand feet to the valley floor. Your fate.

Rain showers swept through the valley making it deemingly appropriate to be hanging with spirits of the people of the clouds.

Kuelap is know as Machu Piccus northern rival. But the most beautiful thing about this little nugget of Chachapoyan engineering is that the sight receives few few visitors. We saw 25 tourists maybe. Including us and the others we were with. As with Machu Piccu it gets 2000+ visitors a day and over half a million a year. Walmart. Matchu Piccu costs 150 soles for the day Kuelap...... 15.

You were still able to get lost and feel moments of solitude in a environment full of wild energy and incredible vibes and fully appreciate and absorb everything that Kuelap had to offer.

The isolated rain showers moving up and down the valleys made from some amazingly dramatic views and made understanding, why these were the people of the clouds, much easier.

The zone also gives you a deep appreciation for the people who live around the site and the dramatic landscape they somehow managed to cultivate into farm land. Crazy Peruvians. It's the coca leaves.

If you wanna know more facts about this awesome site Wikipedia that shit. Don't be Lazy.

My heart is currently filled with so much joy I may have to donate some of my "excess" joy......but can you really have too much joy? :)

These are those retarded Canadians I was talking about in my previous post I made friends with. Gosh they're cute. They are younger than me but some how adopted me and not vice versa. I'm sure glad they did.

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