Peru 1.5 - Chachapoyas

Chachapoyas is one of those few place in the world where I've arrived, felt at home, and fell in love instantly. The vibes were magical and instantaneously sensed. This gem of a town is tucked away in the Peruvian Andes about an 11 hour bus ride from Chicayo. With more switchbacks in the road that you can count, the bus driver driver navigates the road like a heavy weight champion, as well as most people can navigate their way through Saskatchewan farmland.

Chachapoyas translated means People of the Clouds. So rightfully so clouds hung over the town eerily to add to the mysterious greatness of this little mountain gem that had everything you could ever want. El paca goods, amazing markets, a decent espresso, a few veggie restaurants, best vino selection I've seen thus far, amazing hospitality, and the friendliest people I've come across in Peru. And to top it off very few gringos.

When I arrived at the bus station I managed to trick these two Canadian idiots, Alec and Holly, into becoming my friend (typical Canadians). It turns out we all love vegan food and we particularly bonded over the love of dirty jokes about penises, poop, vaginas and all sorts of mature subject matters. Some times we try to talk about thought provoking subjects, but the common ground seems to be who can create the most vile, offensive, obscene sentence with the english language.

From Chachapoyas we staged a bunch of fun adventures over the next few days, where I've probably never laughed so hard in my life. At one point Alec recited me Shakespeare's speech to Juliet while I was on the balcony of my room, while I had to do everything not to fall off the balcony from laughing in confusion. The humor on this trip has just gone completely ludicrous but has been incredibly entertaining and necessary for my soul and the awesome that is already Peru.

Chachapoyas has definitely stole a tiny piece of my heart and even though I've moved back down to the coast for a few days, I miss it already.

Here's a few snaps from around Chachapoyas. I'm Gunna post some adventure specific photos from the area over the next few days.

Love you all.

This is a Gatorade knock-off called Electrolyte. Saved me from a crazy headache and was an amazing diareah recovery aid!! YES!
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