Peru 1.4 - The wheels on the bus go round and round.

I showed up for my bus ride outta Mancora to chiclayo on the 21st just to find out it wasn't coming. Usually when I have my mind set on doing something I want it....and I wanted outta Mancora. So I scurried down to some random bus station booked a shorter ride to piura where I could transfer to another company and get to chiclayo where I would try to transfer there to get to Chachapoyas. First bus company was sold out and the second had one seat left. Boy was I lucky. Needless to say after 22 hours of riding buses with leaky AC, buses with no AC through the blazing hot desert and a flurry of mototaxi transfers I arrived in Chachapoyas. Made some friends right away, we ate some breakfast a boarded a mini bus right away for a three and a half hour mini bus ride to Kuelap. So worth the effort. More to come on the chachapoyan adventures soon!

Love ya!!!

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