Peru 1.1 - Lima

Boom. Language barrier is like the Berlin wall here. Example A I ordered an americano at a little cafe and got 4 pieces of toast, pineapple juice, and eggs with ham in it. Needles to say i didn't wanna be rude so i ate it and for the first time in my life resorted to bulimia. Man that was awful. Its funny i didn't even need to make myself through up. It tasted awful and the thought of that pork n eggs tainting my digestive tract just induced a natural reaction known as the vomiting. Then I found a sawweeeeeeeeet veggies restaurant just down the street. #winning Gotta learn to say no carne no productos lácteos. Vegitariana estricta. Spent a Couple of nights in Lima before sending it on a 18 hour bus ride to Mancora for some waves. My taximoto driver asked me if I liked chickas and cocaine or if I wanted to buy some weed. It's the beard. Embrace the stereotypes. Already working super hard on my mangy traveling beard. It'll be dirty as shit when I come back. Full of vino stains and saltwater. Probably some quinoa in there too.

Jah RavenComment