Top 5 favorites of my 5 favorites of 2011.

Well 2011 was quite a good year. Goods and Neutrals, but I think learned the most about myself this year. Which is natural. As time moves on this should really be exponential. Change in your life and the things around you is inevidible. All you can do is appreciate whats in front of you while its there. Don't take a fucking thing for granted, and drink lots of coconut water.

Anyways the REAL point of this blog. (just cut myself off of one of those ridiculous keyboard diarrhea rants where I talk about love and life far to deeply and carelessly to be taken even the slightest bit serious, so you can all thank me later) Is to showcase to 5 of my 5 favorite things in life. So I'm going to go with these categories. My photos, Favorite single songs, Videos, Shows, and Things to do. Nothing is in any particular order ether.

My Photos.

My Photos.


1. Azealia Banks - 212 ft Lazy Jay

2.Dan Black - Hypnotize

3. Random Rab - I alone
I Alone (Free download from the album Visurreal) by Random Rab

4. Wale - Slight Work

5. Ingrid Michealson - You and I

1. Unicorn in banff

2.Madeon - Pop Culture

3.Last minutes with Oden.

4. DJ Craze.

5. Drunk Aussie.


1.Featurecast (Fernie @ The Central)
Featurecast - It's Showtime! Promo Mix by Featurecast

2. Killabits (Fernie @ The Northern Bar and Stage)
The Killabits - Mix For Kids On Drugs (J'aime Le Dubstep #148) (DL IN DESCRIPTION) by thekillabits

3. Caspa. (Calgary @ Commonwealth)
CASPA Live Mix June 2011 by Caspaofficial

4. Bassnectar. (Calgary @ Big 4 Building)
Bassnectar Mixes by Bassnectar

5. Chromeo (Indio @ Coachella)
Chromeo by Chromeo

Things to do.

1. Drink Wine
a. 2010 Layer Cake Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)
b. 2007 Bonterra Organic Syrah (Medincino, County California)
c. 2007 Benziger Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma, County California)
d.2007 Bodegas Luigi Bosca Syrah (Mednoza, Argentina)
e. 2009 Bogel Vinyards Petite Sirah (California)

2. Drink Coffee
a. Phil and Sebastians(Mardaloop, Calgary)
b. Higherground(Kenzington, Calgary)
c.Oso Negro (Neslon, BC)
d. Cinnamon Bear (Crowsnest Pass, Ab)
e. Beano (17th ave, Calgary)

3. Cook for Friends.
a. Portabella Mushroom Bake on Quinoa
b. Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese
c. Portabella stuffed Cannelloni with white sundried Tomato Sauce.
d. Vegan Pad Thai
e. Peanut Butter Pasta

4. Walk Peanut to Amazing Places

5. Play my turntables
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