Fromageless in Montreal.

You always hear about places that never really register in your brain, just because you can't relate to've never been there.... People speak of them.... But they never take a moment to pause....and look you in the eye.... and say...... Montreal is the fucking bomb you must go there....

So after the discovery of diplo headlining the Igloofest and after some reasuring words that Motreal, is in fact, the bomb, from my new friend Tia and some wonderful hospitality from Tia, rockwell(her cat) and her roommate that was virtually allergic to anything edible. I made the somewhat frivolous, and sporadic decision to head to montreal for the weekend to Eat, Drink Americanos, and fuckin' DANCE.

Tia laid out a pretty rad checklist of places that I needed, to eat, drink coffee, and be cool. Not sure if checked off the cool box but I sure tried. Montreal just outside the downtown core is like the mainstreet of fernie that just never ends. Two and Three story apartment buildings, each one with unqiue characteristcs. Such a drastic change from the maze of suburbias charactless, toupe, mash of sprawled communities in calgary. All that was needed in Montreal to get anywhere you needed to be was your own two feet. It was amazing........ If I walked for 15 minutes in calgary from where I live.... I could not get a coffee. In Montreal I could get 15 coffees.

Montreal Bagel from the Fairmount. Still hot. So good at 3 am.
St-Vuateur is the supposed "rival" bagel shop didn't have shit on Fairmount.

One evening there was Guest chef, Chef Mérida, from the Vegan Secret Supper, A Supper Club, in Brooklyn New York cooking up a 3 course Vegan Meal inspired by Quebecs winter. The Meal was incredible. The venue was at Depanneur Le Pick-up, was kind of a funny general store, small town gas station type feel but has some sort of niche following with special events like this. Regaurdless the meal was amazing. AND in Montreal you can bring your OWN wine to dinner. what the hell? is that not the most amazing thing you've ever heard of?
The Vegan secret supper.

Checked out this super cool raw food place called Crudessence
These were raw cantalloni Stuffed with Mushrooms.
Looks expensive doesn't it? It was.

Raw Pizza. So yummy.

Tofu Scramble from Patati Patata. Best scramble I've ever had. And it was $5. Deal.

Green Panther was an all Vegan Cafe. Serving up awesome dishes, salads, and an assortment of awesome beverages like Kombucha and more. This was the salad Soup Combo. Pretty unreal.

From the the same spot this hummus was THE best hummus I've ever had. Straight up. Its hard for a hummus to jump out at you and blow your mind. But this one was pretty awesome. Like a dance party in you mouth.

Awesome Vegan Mac n Cheese Tia baked up one night. Was immediately eaten by lots of people.

Vegan Poutine. No cheese. Veggie Gravy..... Awesome at 4 am. Or whatever the friggen time was.
La Banquise 24 hour poutinery. Place was hoppin.

This thing was AMAZING. I've decided summer cannot officially begin until I have one of these. To tote around my bottles of vino.

Blue Dog. 6 kidz being awesome at the DJ both. So funny.

Igloo fest Merchandise. Everyone was scooping these super hot toques EH!

DIPLO! Most Amazing set ever. So fun. Awesome crowd. Wicked weather. Man. I wanted to pause that moment and live in it forever. Mulled wine and all.

Most epic time ever to drop M83's Midnight Sun.

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