2011 bit the dust. Hey 2012.

So there it is.... Another year down. Once again I brought the new year in with a flurry of Epic dancing, good music, delicious booze, awesome food, the best of friends, light jogging between festivities, and wrapped it all up with bagels Galore at 7 am sharp with an 8 o'clock arrival of my head to my pillow and no hangover. Now that's a happy way to start the newest of years. Lets just say I partied harder then my phone cause it died hours before I did.
Here's a few photos of the evenings events.

The Double Espresso Vodka making it's Rounds.

More Rounds

Lets just say she didn't make it to the dance party.

Waiting patiently for our bagels.

Oh yeah this was the icing of life time. There was no fireball in the brown paper bag......It was A Smirnoff ice!!!

First text of 2012.... Probably will be the best text of 2012.

Sake Party

I mean.... I can't think of a better way to bring in the new year..... Its like a mouth full of magic.
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