My Artist Friend - Micheal Farnan

After working for years at planting camp with my friend Michael Farnan, I was finally able to see what he is capable of. Not that I ever doubted his capabilities. But a lot of the project ideas he pitched/explained to me always seemed to be from left field, as most artists visions are. They Generally involved some sort of Canadian Creature, like the beaver, or the bison, or his shaman alias "assface" and it was always entertaining yet somewhat confusing where this whole project was going but in the end it seemed to come together like a tightly knitted sweater. The whole end show seemed to have a heavy influence from the outdoors and one part the project involved him in a beaver suit paddling around a lake on campus making a beaver dam for a few days. Now thats just awesome. I am super happy and stoked to have this awesome chap as friend and as you can see hes quite talented. Check out his website and his work here

And love the shit out of it.

Jah RavenComment