True Love.

Its been a while. I know. I really apoligize. I haven't really been in the most ideal place to be expressing myself through writing lately, but here I am.... Full force....Malbec in Hand.

Just got back from a hot yoga class. Should be hydrating with coconut water. But......I'm dehydrating with wine.

I just finished reading an amazing book entitled "True Love : An Awakening of the Heart". And I truly believe that everyone should read this book. Its incredible and truly awakening. While I do feel I have practiced most of it insights in the past, I feel I could go deeper on some of the aspects and try to push the depths of love but I firmly believe everyone could push the love. Not just to one person, but to everyone around them.

Really though.... the book got me thinking.... Not just the book itself but the course of events over the past year or so of my life. The year 25 of my life as been the best year of my life hands down. If could change anything about it, I wouldn't touch a thing. Its been amazing, as well as tough but I've learned more about myself then I ever have and I feel that's what I needed most.

For 3% of you who are actually still reading this shit. I love you.

But I've just come to realize that its not about the bigger picture. It is in a sense but I feel people focus too largely, too forward, on where they are going and what they want in the end of life, or a relationship to fully enjoy the present.

My hugest appreciation in life has become the small things you share with someone, coffee, wine, food, music, and the list goes on. The fact is that these are things you are consistently doing in your life, and to be able to enjoy these amazing things with someone, not just once in a lifetime, or twice a month, but every single day, multiple times a day is an incredible gift. Sharing those simple things in life. Knowing they are enjoying the same thing as you are, together, is something I feel is often overshadowed by lifes "bigger picture". Its like Waking up in the morning, and not jumping out of bed for the sake of doing or feeling productive, like you have to do something with your day, make "accomplishments" if you will, but to wake up with someone, and take and hour to actually get out of bed and throw down a casual stroll to the coffee shop is far MORE productive towards your heart and well being then it is your "to do" list.

My point being. Some of my happiest moments this past year of crazy fucking shows, travels, purchases yada yada fuckin yada, are the good bottles of wine, and amazing cups of coffee, and incredible home cooked and restaurant meals that I've shared with the people I love, loved and hold dear to my heart.

Anyways for all of you who read till here. Your super awesome. Like vegan macaroni.

Okay lets lighten things up here a bit. Just a quick little update on how pretty Awesome life is right now.

Calgary is awesome though. Really. I'm loving it. Keeping super busy. Lotsa yoga, making art, mixing music, eating awesome awesome food, going to a ton ton of wicked shows like:
Skream and Benga
Young the Giant
Red bull threestyle
and few just complete doozies of evenings at the new Commonwealth.

Looking forward to Bassnectar, Method Man, and Excision coming up in the next month too! shits gunna be hyphy!

Also finally got a the new iPhone 4s. The ol 3gs took to many dance floor beating, as well as various beating from rivers, sidewalks, snow. But it really just got mostly alcohol abused. Which is why phones and drinking dont go together. because
1. you will drop it and break it or
2. you will make texts or phone calls you probably should not. mostly just texts though. Nobody makes calls anymore. but I've done a good job of NOT doing that. So everyone can give me a virtual pat on the back.


love joel
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