Things are golden.....So are the leaves.

What an epic September. Like really. I can count the days it rained this summer on one hand.... actually I dont even need a whole hand i just need to Three fingers. Three fuckin days! thank you to whoever decided to deliver a summer so impeccable, so delightful. I dont want summer to end. But after a summer like that I would just be being greedy if i asked for more. Anyways. Heres a few shots... I saw two owls today... amazing in know. I also drank alot of wine and sake this summer....amazing i know....

This last few weeks or so has been spent visiting with friends and taking good friends fishing and doing some dancing and socializing with a splash of guiding through out. Its been a good week. It makes me wish work seasons weren't so go go go and in between the seasons is just spent organizing my Tupperwares full of my belongings.....Its nice to have time to enjoy things. Enjoy friends...enjoy the things your love to do.... It gets frustrating when you working everyday during peak seasons and you don't have time for your friends or for yourself...... Just so everyone knows.... I love them dearly..... I'm not ignoring you or being anti social..... I'm just not ignoring work.... anyways guide season is pretty much a wrap and light hanging is starting far sooner then i hoped for....So its not looking like a surf or fish vacation is really in the cards anymore. Which is a bummer. I was hoping to get a fix of something before I headed into the city season. But life goes on. I'll just look forward to the time I get after light hanging season.

Now Curtis blames most of this on me. I think hes a liar. I blame some on him. Some on Hawley. Some on Spencer..... BUT I will take the bulk of blame....That is so fine with me.

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