Summer Adventures 1.4 : Petain Falls/Basin

The Petain Falls hike is a super easy hike from the Lower elk lakes camp site. Not much elevation gain at all pretty mellow, you cover some good distance in a short time to a super pretty, surreal water fall that you are surrounded by massive peaks with water falls coming from every which direction, glaciers, just pure awesomeness. I can NEVER get over the feeling of being close to a waterfall. Apparently waterfalls put out a large amounts of negative ions, which helps combat all the positive ions in your body that come from all the electronics and other shit our bodies are surrounded by on a daily basis. This is one of my favorite water falls I've seen.

Hiking to the basin is another story though. Is pretty much straight up and the elevation gain is epic, but the view is unreal. Like nothing I've seen. When you get the basin it's like your on another planet. Like the moon. Super eerie. No trees. It's wild. And of course more water falls, surrounded by epic peaks. Its worth the pull for sure. Here's some photos.

Rilo has conquered the Basin.

Peanut busy being epic.


The view.

The Basin.

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