Summer Adventures 1.1 : The Flathead

Went for a drive and checked out the Flathead River a few weeks ago to see what it was all about. While the drive was pretty awesome I definitely wouldn't go out there JUST for the fishing. It was some of the prettiest water, while the Cutthroat trout weren't huge but they sure were pretty. But strangest of all. The whitefish took dry flies there, which is never really something to be excited about......and yeah when they ate my fly and I saw that they were whitefish. The excitement was about a dull as ever. I landed a bunch of Cutthroat between 6 and 12 inches. Love dat.

Peanut swims like a fish. He is....the fish.

After catching two white fish on the dry, I decided to angle exclusively for toy Australian shepherds.

The roads twist and turn through trees and peaks, looking for trout its like hide and go seek.

Just got back from some epic adventures at the Elk Lakes. Stay tuned for lots of pictures!

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