Frat Boys : Next level Clients

Once in a while we come across some clients that are far less mature than us. (is that even fucking possible?) Well..... It really really is.

This 4some that we aptly dubbed the "frat boys" made a mark that will never be erased. These guys drank 48 beers a day(that just during the guide trip, i was not there for the evening festivities to take an alcohol intake count), as well as two bottles of various hard liquors generally whiskeys, And there was a always a bottle of fireball on hand to take shots for various reasons. Catch a fish, take a swig, miss a fish, take a swig. miss 4 fish, benched from fishing for a bit and guess what else........take a swig.

Anyways head over to
to check out the full story that curt wrote up.

Trip was a blast and definitely memorable. Love this life.

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