Angling Poetry Text Off.

The other morning I awoke to a poem that Jonny had texted me, which lead to an entire morning of texting each other poems about fishing and our Un Vots(which is a one weight fly fishing rod that we each own) Needless to say I laughed pretty god damn hard at a lot of these poem so I thought for sheer enjoyment I would post them so all of you could witness the ridiculousness that can be my life.

Jonny :
Cause i am your lady,
and you are my man
we will go un voting till the end of land.

One by one we'll cast our flies
to every little suddle rise
we'll cast our un vots into the pools
until our flies make the trout a fool.

By the rivers edge we stand side by each
hoping that the trout will breach
and as the trout begin to gorge
a new a beautiful friendship is forged.

We'll take that friendship on and on
we will make the trout become so fond
of our flies that just keep getting wetter
as out unvot bond just gets better.

Lets look eachother eye to eye
as we set search for small cutthroat fry
a little something to double over our un vot rods
any trout 6 inches plus will feel like hogs.

Jonny :
It is on you i do depend
my tall vegan un vot friend
as we round the next river bend
we'll throw massive kenny coleslaw mends

Jonny :
By the rivers edge we'll tell some jokes
and eat lunches filled with artichokes
casting our un vots till the end of time
oops sorry friend i just crossed your line

we walk though the woods to make an angle
and make tight loops to avoid a tangle
we stalk the trout pool by pool
and change the flies to make a fool
of the trout how lie on the stream bed
"i've caught 6 fish" is what you've said
but all of a sudden i need to duck!
its that crazy caster mironuck!
the fly missed my head but not by much
while jeff exclaims he caught 300 before lunch

The moon is full and bright
so we will fish our un vots through the night
and just as the sun does rise i hear a sound
so i set the hook and land a 12 pound brown

Followed by jonny saying.
"I hope your not telling the clients about a little poetry session. They will think we are bum jamming faggots"

anyways. I just realized how many poems went down. Best morning ever.

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