Planting 1.5 : The dog days.

It was quite the struggle battling through the last few shifts of planting. Often time you just hit a wall out there. And thats what I did. But I wrestled throught the last 6 days telling myself every bag up was my last. Boy was I lying to myself. Needless to say. I made it to the end. Well. Not the REAL end but the end for me and most people. The core stay on for a summer of blistering heat and long hike in's. Sounds like too much work.

Anyways it was a sad day taking down my campsite. I miss camp already but not the trees. thats for sure.

Anyways here are some photos of the last day off in camp slow roasting and BBQn' by the lake as well as some photos from around camp. Fishing season is upon us. So stay tuned for awesome angling updates.

Much Love

You know the day off is going to be good when it starts with this.

Little Artimus taking a nap. Quite the name. I took the liberty to start calling him optimus prime.

Zeppo. He pants even when hes sleeping.

Yup. That's Mike Farnan Stretching. Little did he know I had a long lens and was watching him.

Collected my wine/sake bottles all season. Well some of them. I often forgot to keep some. Because of well.....the wine.

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