The Fishing Season is Upon Us.

After a spring of planting, I'm pretty amped to be on the river again just drifting away like I tend to do in my own life. Guiding is a pretty fantastic job, but like any job its love, hate. I love being outside all day, meeting rad people, angling for trout all day, in the mountains. To be honest as far as I know there isn't a better paying job that is as enjoyable as guiding is. Now of course theres lots of stress involved as well. Clients tend not listen well if at all, and anything that is taught is generally forgotten by the client 5-7 minutes later. Also theres lots of pressure to catch fish all the time. Its very rare that you get a "true" fisherman that just enjoys the overall experience and sees the trout as a bonus on top of the already beautiful river and scenery along with the abundance of wildlife. Things are just awkward when the fish aren't active. Needless to say almost everyone that I have guided have been pleasant to be around and always fantastic stories to tell. Anyways, I'm looking forward to another season of guiding and just soaking up the wonderfulness that is fishing. Stay tunes for awesome photos of trout and probably photos of peanut.

Jah RavenComment