Baggin Peaks : Moose Mountain.

And by bagging peaks I mean a mellow hike to the top of a mountain. I just thought baggin peaks sounded like a more enticing blog post to check out. So I must say. Its been a really long time since I've gone for hike which didn't involve putting on planting bags and making money, or fishing at the end of it. Needless to say I was Ridiculously out of shape. Getting passed by senior citizens. Humbling. I know. Well actually they passed us going the other way. I'm really not that out of shape. We just started really late and they were coming down already. Anyways the view was amazing. The Rockies just spanned as far north and south as the eye could see. You could see Calgary as a whole in the distance. Also there was a golden marmot at the top which the guy in the fire look out was good buddies with. Anyways was super awesome and am pretty amped to be getting into some more hikes this summer.

The Peak.
It's in the bag. So don't worry about it.

This marmot did tricks. It was amazing.

Peanut now calls himself a Peak Freak.

Hawley and the Nut Chillin on the helipad at the top of the mountain. On the look out for peanut sized golden marmots.

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