Planting 2011 1.2 : Redneckin' and Power animal readings.

Planting is a funny place. I'm not really sure where else you can get this diverse of a crowd into one camp. Last day off I got offered to shoot guns. Obviously I'm going to say yes. It was a super fun little giggle fest everytime we hit a target, or obliterated some can into nothing. Was the best. Sometimes its important to connect with your redneck.
This was the big gun. It was amazing.

Shell from the chamber.

Crushin beers before shooting. Necessary and often mandatory.

What was left of a full coke can after a shot from 306.

This day off I managed to build a dj booth on my deck for turntables, make feather earings, a sushi feast, do laundry, and power animal card readings. Life is good at camp. Like. Really good. Its just the planting thats in the way.
Mel wearing a sample of my creations.

Mel reading thomy destiny from the power animal book. It was a mother earth father sky reading. He pulled the lizard and the alligator. Which basically told him to think about the reality of dreams before he tried to pursue them. I love power animal books.

I pulled the eagle and a contrary racoon. What they had to say to me directly aligned with what i need to be doing in my life. Its crazy how these things work sometimes.

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