Planting 2011 1.1 : Back to camp.

Back to planting camp. Couple of shifts under my belt and life is good. Its nice to have in income again. REALLY nice. Anyways Camp is home to me. The most I feel at home in my life is in this very spot. That deck is the closest to a piece of property I've ever owed. Its pathetic. But its home to good times. Anyways I love it here. Good food, good friends, like family. Its amazing. Had a fun little visit from Hawley on the past day off and got to show her my home in the woods and my friends, lots of red wine, little greek food, little relaxing. Life is good. Happy to be home.

My setup. still needs a little dialing but its getting there.

Peanut is tired after a shift of work. Lots of steps for the little guy. Hes loosing weight already.

Rad skull I incorporated into my questionable light hanging display.

The result.

A look into my home.

First unscheduled party deck party.

Should be enough gloves for the season.

The beat laboratory. A couple of big speakers, a set of Numark NS7s and couple of tech 12's.

Expert Christmas light display. PRO level.
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