Spring. It Smells like Shit.

Spring. I'm not a fan. Why you ask? It smells like shit. Lots of dog shit. That's been lying vacant under months of snow just waiting to release its sweet sweet aroma upon our senses as it unthaws and rots. Its dusty out, the roads or full of dirt and rocks, all the grass is brown and soon all the rivers will turn brown with spring run off. Its depressing. No leaves on the trees. No snow on the ground. Its muddy, wet and filthy. The only true reward of spring is knowing that summer soon follows. I cant wait. Headed to California on friday for the Coachella music festival and hopefully to score a few waves and get a little taste of summer before we get the opportunity to experience the goodness that is 16 hours of day light. Summer I love you. Come home Summer. Here are some photos of spring to make you realize that life with out you is depressingly unlivable.

Jah Raven1 Comment