Sonoma Wine Country : Benziger Winery

Benziger Family Wineries Was a wicked little stop in wine country. Got a go on super cool little tour of the wintery and got to learn tons about wine and how they go about producing their brand of wine. Its incredible how meticulous and how much attention goes into detail here to produce this organic wine.

This wine was grown in a biodynamic vinyard which basically means that its a self sustaining ecosystem. Everything gets reused, composted, nothing is wasted, all methods of insect control and fertilizing are completely organic. the vinyard itself is pretty much an ecosystem in itself creating habitat for good bugs, to keep the bad bugs away as well as creating habitat for things like owls, bats, and hawks to patrol the rodent population. Basically the only thing that ever leaves the winery is the bottled wine.

Our tour guide was awesome. He told us that the crop grown here before it was winery was known as "sonoma coma", you do the math. But the best part after was obviously tasting the wines. Unfortunately I was driving so I couldn't really let loose in the tasting room but I had a few tastes of some delights. Would be pretty amazing to spend a week around there checking out all the wineries. Anyways heres a few photos from around the winery.

They had this cave that they stored all the barrels of wine in. Cost them 4 million to build and is apparently earthquake proof.

Tasting deliciousness.

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