California 1.4 : Camp Food.

Decided to get pretty tech with cooking situation on this trip. Made lots of excellent dishes. I love cooking. And it even funner when your camping. I wish I could camp all the time. Wait a minute!!!! planting is coming! And that means I get to live in a tent for TWO MONTHS! YAY!!!!! and get cooked FOR!

These Pancakes were next level.

The Jetboil Wizard working his magic with his wand(spoon).

So obviously literally being called "cheap red wine" we had to try. And I thought it would be good to drink after having a couple of bottles of other wine first. But no. It was still gross. Like appalling. But it was $4.99.

I was commenting on her avocado handling skillz.

Camp sushi. Thats right. Next level.
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