Japan 1.8 : Kawaguchiko

So with Hawley back to canada and me on my own for a couple days I put in a pretty solid effort into seeing Mt.Fuji. But as some would say, these days, it was an epic fail. Woke up to snow and it was too cloudy to see a god damn thing. But Saying that it turned out to be a completley fulfilling detour. I used my limited friend making skills to make some Japanese friends and we cruised around Kawaguchiko area today to check out some really cool shrines in some old growth cedar forests. And I found a fly shop to check out! so stoked. Needless to say even though Fuji is hiding itself behind a blanket of clouds I'm still glad I made the 3 hour detour to spend a day here. Will definitely be coming back on my next trip around. And apparently there is some good angling in the area. So I pretty sure I want to come back and do some fly fishing.

My tour guide Sachie . She had spent a bunch of time in Canada living in Whistler and Tofino. The other guy, Hisayuki, that was with us owned an Italian restaurant that I ate at the night before. Awesome people.

Self Portrait. I had to run like a mother fucker to beat the timer on this one.

Gay Horse Shrine? I'm not too sure about this one.
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