Japan 1.5 : Osaka

These things are the jam. Super cheap. Total girlie drink but I'm admitting that I have consumed many on my wandering of Japan. and at a $1.50 its cheaper than water. So why wouldn't a guy?

This Ferris wheel was massive apparently the largest in the world. We got into a clear car. It was pretty amazing but you went around SOOOOOOOOOOO slowly. Almost painful.

Check this out....Three people simultaneously taking photos of this tree on their flip phone. And there were the only three I could fit in the frame. Amazing.

Funny. After years of unsuspectingly posing in others peoples photos, these three got me. And they got me good. I didn't even realize they were in the photo till I edited it. Bastards.

Conveyor belt sushi.

Hawley stackin' em high.

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