Japan 1.4 : Miyajima

Miyajima was a short little ferry ride from Hirosima. Lots of cool little temples and a floating shrine. But my favorite part was these deer that had the characteristics of dogs rather then deer. Super funny personalities and not a afraid of any human.
Japanese love flashing the peace sign for photos. Here this young one manages a double peace with the deer. Now that is amazing. Next level peaceing.

This guy was waiting for a table to open. Lunch hour was busy but he said it was worth the wait.

Miss Hawley

This was a chopstick store. I really didn't think you would be able to spend as much time as we did looking at chopsticks or even still spend as much as $100+ on a pair of chopsticks. but after 30 mins of shopping I settled on a pretty nice pair of $20 chopsticks. They are gorgeous and I may never eat with them. Just kidding.
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