Japan 1.3 - Aoshima and the Westcotts!

After Arriving in Japan and spending a few days in tokyo we caught a plane Down to Miyazaki to hang out with the Westcott Family in the town of Aoshima! It was so good to see them again and see how much Sakura has grown! And got to see Kaz man for the first time and hes a little whirlwind of energy pretty much having a grab at anything in his path! Super entertaining.

They are living the beautiful place you could imagine. Palm trees, endless surf breaks, temples, shrines, and this grocery store with the most amazing bakery. Needless to say I am jealous.

Waves were small when I was there but they were perfect little long boarding waves. The place has so much potential! Even when the ocean was flat there were still some fun waves to be had. Cant wait to go back when the swell is on the up!

Matty got us a place to stay at a place called Ocean home. It had the most beautiful view of the ocean out the bed room window. It was amazing. We had an awesome dinner/sake fest with some local people as well as the westcotts at the ocean home. It was just an amazing spot.

Kaz Man

These rock formations were all up and down the coast. Crazy to think you surf over that.

Hawley and Sakura.

One day we went for a road trip down to the southern tip of Japan to cape Toi. Such amazing coast line. Littered with surf breaks and little islands. Matty had his iPad handy to make sure we were on track!

Fishin Homie.

We were loving this scene.

Hawley and fake Raven not sure why it was at this lighthouse but it was.

Cape Toi Lighthouse.

Wild Horses. But they are fenced in and very well groomed. I question the wildness of them.
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