Whats next....

After long wild ride on the light hanging train came a pretty solid christmas/new years of family, friends, dancing, and the consumption of food, booze, fossil fuels, and material goods. Life is good. and continues down that same path. Even though I'm back in Calgary ripping down all those fucking lights I put pride and joy in putting up it feels good to be back at work.

This winter has been a little different. I have not skied once......and.....i dont feel like I'm missing anything. Weird? fucked up? maybe a little. passions are lost. but never forgotten. But I've booked myself a sweet little plane ticket to a magical little island known as Bali. So....starting Feb 3. Im going to be on a journey to warm surf, perfect barrels, and endless massages to spend a good month of not putting a wetsuit on to surf. sounds okay to me. Then on the way home a little stop over in Japan to see what homeboy Matty Westcott is up to with his beautiful little family. Looking super forward to seeing them. Looking forward to doing something new this winter.

But for now. Im going to continue ripping down peoples god damn christmas lights for another 3 weeks and then work season is finally comming to a close. Its been long and arduous. But. The light is shining through. its a tiny tiny ray. but soon.... it will be a full blown sun beating down on perfectly barreling point breaks. see u soon sunshine.

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