A Shift in Power Animals.

After feeling heavily connected to the raven for many years now another creature is becoming equally important in my life. The heron. With its tall slender stature and its beautiful being i cant help but gravitate towards it. As the power animal book, Animal Spirit Guides, states :

Your a dabbler, a jack of all trades, have many varied interests and love exploration for its own sake. Your always willing to look at yourself with detachment in order to see the truth of your inner workings. Your a non-traditionalist and feel no pressure to conform or keep up with everyone else. You know how to take advantage of events and circumstances that most people would over look or ignore. You live your life in a relatively unstructured way, seemingly with stability and security, because you enjoy the novelty that is reflected in every days new adventure.

Pretty much exactly me.

With some lots of big life altering things happening lately Ive been looking to the power of animals to guide me. Its tough in the city not much for wildlife. But i do enjoy the occasional glimpse of a heron, the call of a raven or a coyote running through a field. Get me to the woods.

The Heron

Jah Raven
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