Ramblings of a Deranged Light Hanger.

So. life.....got buck. It was my birthday recently. on the first of the month. which I celebrated with a 4 day ride of shows, wine, good food, friends, family and red bull vodkas. Dubstep show, Gwar, skratch bastid, then the whats in the fridge premier. Which was awesome. All my favorite people I know came to see my last years labor of love at the theater, sushi dinner, then went out to party like it was 1999. Loved it, love life.

Made some tough decisions recently that have left me lost, but excited. Life turns left when you wanna go right and breaks when you wanna speed, like everyone in calgary when they are trying to merge.....idiots...... But thats what it is. the twists and turns makes it interesting and worth living. Otherwise it would be boring as fuck. uneventful. Emotions are stirring, insomnia is instilling, but option are endless. The raven has grown new feathers and is ready to fly.

Light season is almost coming to an end. and with the end of the light season comes a paycheck. one of substantialicous proportions....make money money go shopping...

Anyways thanks to everyone for coming out the premier. Ment a lot to me for you to all be there. LOVE YOU! lots. and more. and then more.

Different plans for this winter. I still plan on living life. HA. this is all I know now.....

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