Surfing in the USA - Oregon.

Just journeyed down to the beautiful Oregon coast to catch some waves mon. Solo trip. A little me time. Me and my Border Collie Puzzle. Puzzles first time at the ocean. She loved it. I loved it till waves went mushy! Had some good surf. Met some new people. I'm not sure why but at least once a day I ended up in at least a 1 hr. conversation with a senior citizen about everything, Surfing, Canada, Politics, Dogs, Trees, whatever. Old people love to talk and if you listen to them you learn. But sometime your ear can just get sore. Anyways here is an assortment of images from trip. Cant wait to hit the waves again. Surfing is A+++.

Waterfall Outside of Portland. RIGHT on the highway. Beautiful but tainted with tourism. Even I was enough of a sucker to stop!
Puzzle perched on some driftwood.
Puzzle perched behind some driftwood.
Best veggies dogs ever. Smoked Apple Sage on whole wheat buns with Avocado, green onion, Kimchi, stone ground mustard, and olive Hummus. AMAZING.
The Dog.
No meal is complete with a whole avocado in it.
Red vines and Red Wine.
Cape Falcon.
Sitting ducks.
Small Water Fall.
Puzzle enjoying the view.
Crossing the Columbia into Oregon.

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