Jack at the Gorge Amphitheater.

Sent it down the gorge Amphitheater in Washington to check out Jack Johnsons To The Sea Tour. It was timed right to be the gateway to my surfing trip down to Oregon this last few weeks. Nothing says a bit of surfing like Mr. Johnson. Anyways. to be honest. Not a crazy fan of his newer stuff but I am a sucker for his first three albums which he played a lot. Show was good. G.love was good. Jack isn't a super high energy entertainer but still puts on a good show. lots of sing alongs. Plus he has hair right now. So dreamy! No cameras with detachable lenses aloud at the show but here is some photos from the trip there!

Favorite Wine Glass just got a cleaning.

Rest Stop. Stretching the legs.

The Crew. Ali, Sister Shannon, Dori, and Tarynsauruse rex.

Puzzle watching the Road.
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