West Kootenay Wiggle.

Ive been spending my recent days wandering around streams in the West Kootenays in hopes of finding some amazing undiscovered trout waters. But all I've really come across are big donuts. yes. i said it. donuts. the big zeros. skunk in the trunk. Ive seen some of the most beautiful water I've seen in a very very long time. Picking a few small trout here and there made some time to take some photos.

This guy should have parking ticket.
Angling the Canyon.
Curtis Angling the most Beautiful water I've ever seen.
This is how dirty your boat gets when you take off your mud flaps.
After a bunch of days of not moving anything motivating from the bottom of a river we headed back to reliable waters. Where I picked up the biggest rainbow I've seen on this particular river which got me right stoked on west Kootenay angling again.

The brute that ran way up stream.
Thing of beauty.
This trout turned my frown upside down.
The release.
The fly that brought it all together.

What is the West Kootenay Wiggle you ask? well if i told you, you would all be catching slabs with this refined technique I've developed to entice massive trout like this onto the end of your line.
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