Rainbows and Dance Floors.

FINALLY! Three days off! In a row! Yes in ROW! After a long arduous and incredibly tiring guiding streak I was free. Free to do nothing, but doing nothing does not appeal to me, keeping the mind busy is key and i was itchin to go fishin. But honestly what self respecting fishing guide WOULD go fishing on his days off? Well fortunately for Curtis, Spencer and I we don't respect ourselves. So with that in mind Spence and I took off to meet Curtis for some super hot rainbow angling on the Columbia around Nelson and BOY was it SPANKY!

Spencer making the angle.

Spencer reaping the rewards of the correct angling technique.

Spencer Releasing the Reward

Another one to the net.

Why wouldn't a couple guides be happy landing ANOTHER Rainbow Trout

The Mugshot

Curtis with another Gem.

After a long day of fishing with a no show taxi back to the truck and curt getting a ride with some random it put us in late. But not too late to report to the dance floor. Fighting the desire to go to sleep because i was so tired of landing, and watching friends land, rather large rainbow trout(that's right I'm fucking bragging), I came out stronger than the will to sleep and headed to the KraftyKuts show with Spencer and Curtis. The show was SO good there wasn't a soul in the bar that wasnt dripping sweat from dancing way to hard. Krafty put on a rather epic show with a wicked wicked mix of music, my favorite being a DMX mix that got thrown down rather heavily. I told myself Before I went I was only going for a little while but then........I couldn't stop shakin it. I'm going to go ahead and say it was the most enjoyable day of the summer for me......... By far.

This trout I caught on the way home with sudden urge to angle putting the timeliness of my scheduled oil change in jeopardy. But don't worry i made it to Cranbrook with enough time to run into staples and buy myself a Managers Office Chair. That's right....Managers office chair.