Jah Raven @ Basscoast.

I dont know how, I dont know why, but all I can say is I am beyond grateful. Thank you Basscoast for having me. This festival changed my life 3 years ago and every day since then I have dreamed of playing it. Been deep at work for a brand new live hardware set. Looking forward to unleashing this one on a proper sound system. Xo for life.

Do everything you do at 110% or don't bother doing it.

Deeptakt Records Podcast 028 - A Ravens Dub Journey.

I have the incredible pleasure of having an all vinyl mix featured on the Deeptakt records podcast series. A total dub techno journey. So unbelievably grateful to have a mix put out by someone other than myself, and that someone is Deeptakt records, a label run by Narcotic303, a huge name in the land of dub techno. Bless up ya dub mon.

And the Raven, never fitting, still is sitting, still is sitting.

.Techno-Safari. Is live.

Well, it was actually live quite some time ago. Head over to www.techno-safari.com to peep the new site. The premise is ment to be, all canadian artists, all vinyl selections, but its proving difficult to get folks to put mixes together. BUT! There are two hot mixes up on the site thus far. Enjoy.

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