Analog 1.7 - 35mm - Jamaica

A Few film shots from my little jaunt to Jamaica this past September. Not only was I able to capture these images, I was also able to scoop 100+ 45 records for the old collection. In and out it was a eye opening trip and brought me a lot more appreciation and respect for the origin of Reggae and soundsystem culture. BLESS UP!

The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be.

Analog 1.6 - 35mm - Slightly Spring.

These photos are from a seriously long time ago. A Roll of film I started back in the early spring and looks like it was finished in the early summer. Dropped off for development in the early fall on the island forgotten to be picked up and finally got my hands on it in early winter. Little bit of a journey for these photos but finally happy to have them in my hands, to share with you.

You'll never understand, until it happens to you.